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Are you also a lover of rice? Then you can indulge yourself this week. Rice is one of the most versatile products in the world. And all over the world they make unparalleled rice dishes from it. Try making an Italian risotto with asparagus or a tempting Hawaiian poke bowl. Here are two suggestions. For this week I’m listing 10 great world dishes with rice: from Portuguese chicken with piri-priri, Spanish arroz negro, American gumbo, shakshuka with red rice to Indonesian nasi goreng.

Naturally, these world dishes with rice should be accompanied by a good glass of wine. Of course a matching one (that’s what I Love Food & Wine is all about). Which? Not difficult, check out my wine advice for each recipe.

Because that’s what it’s all about: beautiful wine-food combinations provide just that little bit extra, for more happyness at the table.

Risotto from the oven

If you like nice and easy, then this is your dish. In this Italian You don’t have to stir risotto with sausage, it is cooked in the oven. Super simple recipe from Yvette van Boven. Recommended!

Risotto with sausage and bell pepper from Yvette van Boven from Homemade
Risotto with sausage and bell pepper

Pokebowl with tuna

Delicious pokébowl from the Hawaiian kitchen from the cookbook Foolproof Fish. A super popular dish to have delivered, but making it yourself is even better. Moreover, ready. On the table in 30 minutes.

Pokébowl with tuna from the cookbook Foolproof Fish
Pokebowl with tuna

Shakshuka with red rice

A fantastic vegetarian dish from the Middle East: healthy shakshuka with red rice. Delicious with mushrooms and almonds. On top of the soft cooked eggs à la shakshuka. A recipe by British cookbook author Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from his latest cookbook Eating Like the Best.

Shakshuka with red rice and mushrooms from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's cookbook Eat Like the Best
Shakshuka with red rice and mushrooms

Portuguese piri piri rice

On Thursday we go for the Portuguese piri-piri rice with chicken. It is a creamy rice dish from the oven. In terms of taste, it resembles a paella, but just a bit spicier. A delicious one-pot dish.

Chicken with piri piri rice from the Rice & Co cookbook
Chicken with piri piri rice

Black rice with prawns

Fancy something Spanish on the menu: choose arroz negro con gamba. This is the signature dish of the Spanish Sandra Alvarez. With this she became the day winner during the Master Chef Holland competition in 2015. The rice is turned black by squid ink that you can buy at the fishmonger. Really not difficult to make, but DELICIOUS. Recommended.

Arroz negro: Black rice with prawns
Arroz negro: Black rice with prawns

Korean bibimbap

A traditional, but simple, rice dish from Korea: bibimbap. Ever heard of it? This is a bowl of rice with all kinds of vegetables and a soft egg. The homemade dressing is the seasoning here. Delicious! A vegetarian recipe from the basic book Korea!

Korean rice with vegetables
bibimbap; Korean rice with vegetables

Kedgeree with salmon

A real classic out British cuisine: kedgeree. Blown over from India, when the British ruled there. Originally a breakfast, but with warm smoked salmon a delicious quick main course. It may not look very nice, but it is still recommended!

Kedgeree with salmon
Kedgeree with hot smoked salmon

Spanish fish soup with rice

We know paella, and this Spanish fish soup with rice is reminiscent of that. It’s kind of a liquid version of paella. Deliciously filling and easy to make. Lets eat…

Spanish Fish Soup with Rice from the cookbook of Zonder Fratsen by Anita Witzier.
Spanish fish soup with rice

Nasi goreng with shrimps

In Asia rice is a basic ingredient. And nasi goreng is not to be sneezed at; a classic of Indonesian cuisine. This shrimp version is not to be missed. On the table in 30 minutes.

Nasi goreng with chicken and shrimps
Nasi goreng with chicken and shrimps

Gumbo from Louisiana

For the weekend we make gumbo; a classic rice dish from the US state of Louisiana. A mix of different cuisines with chorizo, king prawns and chicken. Nice spicy with some smoky.

Gumbo with shrimps and rice from the Rice & Co cookbook
Gumbo with shrimp

Risotto with Asperges

This risotto with fresh white asparagus should not be missed this week. Incredibly tasty dish. My daughter is already salivating. Quickly put it on your shopping list. You won’t be disappointed.

Risotto with Asperges
Risotto with Asperges


Fancy even more worldly rice dishes? Check out this filter page, here you will find many more!

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