10 Tips to iron your clothes better

Ironing clothes is a household chore that is often experienced as tedious. But yes, with a properly ironed garment you look a lot more representative. Well-ironed clothes are a must, especially for a good professional appearance. With the following tips you can iron your clothes better, more efficiently and more effectively from now on!

1. Choose the right iron

correct iron
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A good iron makes a big difference in achieving a perfect ironed result. Choose an iron with sufficient steam power and a smooth soleplate to prevent clothes from getting damaged or sticking. Here you will find an overview of the most popular ironing systems.

2. Read the washing labels of your clothes

Always check the washing labels of your clothes to determine at what temperature you can iron them. Ironing too hot can lead to irreparable damage, while ironing too cold will prevent creases from disappearing properly.

3. Use an ironing board with a good cover

good ironing board

An ironing board with a good cover provides extra comfort and stability during ironing. Choose a cover that is thick enough and the right size for your ironing board. A cover with heat-reflecting properties can speed up the ironing process.

4. Sort your clothes by material and temperature

Sort your clothes according to the material and the required ironing temperature. Start ironing garments that require a lower temperature and slowly work your way up to the higher temperatures. This prevents you from accidentally ironing a piece of clothing at too high a temperature.

5. Make use of steam

use steam

Steam helps to remove wrinkles faster and more effectively. Use an iron with a steam function or, if you don’t have one, gently spray some water on the garment before ironing.

6. Iron garments inside out

Ironing garments inside out helps to reduce the visibility of any shine or marks on the fabric. This is especially useful with dark or printed clothing.

7. Use the correct ironing technique

Use a systematic ironing technique to iron garments efficiently and evenly. Start at the edges and work towards the center. Use long, straight strokes to remove wrinkles and don’t press the iron too hard.

8. Hang up clothes immediately after ironing

hang up after ironing

Hang up your clothes immediately after ironing them. This helps to reduce the chance of new wrinkles and keeps your clothes looking neat and fresh.

9. Use an ironing cloth

An ironing cloth is a handy tool to avoid damaging delicate fabrics during ironing. Lay the ironing cloth over the garment and iron over it. This prevents the iron from hitting the fabric directly and damaging it.

10. Maintain your iron regularly


A well-maintained iron performs better and lasts longer. Clean the soleplate regularly with a soft cloth to remove scale build-up or burnt-on dust. Use distilled water to prevent limescale build-up in the water tank and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for descaling.

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