10 Facts about the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is an impressive dog breed. The broad construction, the large head and the black with brown color provide a frightening appearance.

But rottweilers are much more. Good working dogs, sweet cuddly bears and reliable protectors. With these ten fun facts about the rottweilers you know almost everything about this special dog breed.

The name comes from a German place

rottweil german place

The name Rottweiler comes from the German town of Rottweil. It is located on the river Neckar. In the Middle Ages, the population here used large dogs that could take a beating as herding dogs and bear hunters. The Rottweilers probably descend from these dogs.

Rottweilers were once Roman army dogs

The ancestors of the rottweiler were used by the Roman army. In Roman times, the troops brought their own livestock to serve as food during battle. After all, there were no refrigerators yet. The rottweilers had to protect the livestock and help with the movement of the animals. They were also used to carry things.

The rottweiler was once almost extinct

almost extinct (2)

When trains and trucks were invented, the rottweiler was out of a job. The cattle could be moved in a different, faster way. As a result, the dog breed almost died out. Fortunately, enthusiasts preserved the breed and found a new job for the rottweiler. The rottweiler now became a police dog and army dog.

Rottweilers can be quite ungainly

A rottweiler is a real working dog and when he goes for his target, he sees nothing else. Unfortunately, they are also quite large, knocking over everything in their way. Small children or that beautiful vase can also be accidentally knocked over in their enthusiasm and work ethic. They don’t mean to be wrong, but the Rottweiler is not the best breed for small children or the elderly.

Rottweilers love a job

happy rottweiler

The rottweiler is happiest when he has a job to do. He is therefore very suitable as a working dog for the police or customs, but also as a guide dog. At home you can also give him a task to make him happy. Give him small assignments during the walk or let him get something at home every now and then. This is how you ensure a satisfied dog.

The rottweiler likes to be with his owner

As a working dog, the Rottweiler likes to be with his boss. He prefers to go everywhere with you. He can go in the car or in a dog bike trailer. As a puppy, he also likes it when he can go with you in a bicycle basket, because then he is extra close to you.

The rottweiler is powerful, but agile

The Rottweiler is a powerful, heavyset dog, but it doesn’t compromise on agility. He can run well and fast and jump over obstacles with ease. Moreover, it is an intelligent dog that you can train well.

Sweet to owners, but impressive to intruders

impressive dog

The Rottweiler is a wonderfully sweet dog for his owners. He counts the whole family as his own family and is a sweet cuddly bear to them. He will naturally want to protect his family. Intruders should therefore be on the lookout and if he thinks his family is under threat, he will not shy away from defending them. He is not aggressive, but very controlled. Often its deep growl and broad stance is enough to scare people off.

Popular with celebrities

The rottweiler’s unique character and appearance has made this dog popular with celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruno Mars, and Will Smith, for example, all have one or more Rottweilers roaming around their homes.

Rather cold than heat

rottweiler likes the cold

Despite its short coat, a rottweiler can withstand the cold very well. His coat is short, but thick and water-repellent. It is therefore also suitable as a guard for a yard, as long as it has a good, dry hiding place. He has more trouble heat. In winter he often prefers to be outside than inside with the heating on. In the summer it likes to look for a cool shady spot.

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