­čôŞ Jumbo-Visma presents new Tour outfit with starry sky: ‘Based on the power of dreams’

Just like during the 2022 edition, the Jumbo-Visma riders will also be riding around in a new jersey during the Tour de France this season. The unique design, which was created in collaboration with clothing sponsor AGU and Efteling, shows a starry sky and was named ‘The V├ęlodrome’. It is based on the ‘power of dreams’.

The sweater was presented in a beautiful video, made by Sander De Bruijn, designer at Efteling. ÔÇťIt tells the story of a little cyclist who escapes from the carousel called ‘The V├ęlodrome’ under a glittering starry sky and finishes as if in a dream on the Champs-├ëlys├ęes. The starry sky of the shirt reflects the power of dreams, framed by elegant gold decorations.ÔÇŁ

Jumbo-Visma knows better than anyone how belief in dreams can lead to exceptional performance. ÔÇťAfter winning the Tour in 2022, we hope to inspire new generations to follow their dreams.ÔÇŁ

Fans of the new design can even buy the sweater. Those who order before 1 May can also add a ‘personal moment’ to the sweater. ÔÇťA unique opportunity to immortalize a dream on the shirt.ÔÇŁ The riders themselves will also ride around with a personalized shirt during the Tour.

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