­čôĚ Standard fans reveal lurid details about who and how the dead rats were thrown – Football News

The Walloon derby between Standard and Charleroi was marred on Friday evening by dead rats thrown into the stands of the Rouches.

It was disgusting images that surfaced on social media. At RTL, fans of Standard testified about the dead rats, painted in red, that were thrown into the stands by visiting fans after the game against Sporting Charleroi.

ÔÇťA man held the rats, he played with them and suddenly he threw them,ÔÇŁ says a Standard supporter. ÔÇťThey were white rats, but half painted red. There are many children and people with wheelchairs in that grandstand. It is the stand closest to the away supporters.ÔÇŁ

Identifying the perpetrators becomes particularly difficult, because they had dressed up especially for their mission. ÔÇťThey wore white suits and called themselves ‘the pest controllers’. They all wore balaclavas, so you couldn’t see their faces.”

According to Standard fans, it was not about one or two rats, but there were easily a dozen. The supporters hope that the Pro League and Standard, but also animal associations, will file a complaint after this disgusting spectacle.

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