­čÄą Lazio striker Immobile has a serious collision with a tram and is taken to hospital

Miraculously, Ciro Immobile was not injured in Rome after colliding with a tram.

The accident happened this morning in Rome. Immobile was in the car with his children when he was hit by a tram that ran a red light.

The Italian striker’s car was hit full, but miraculously no one was injured. His Land Rover Defender is ready for scrapping.

“Fortunately I’m fine, my arm just hurts a little,” he says on a video immediately after the accident. Seven people were taken to hospital, including Immobile and his children.

According to Italian newspapers, the collision between Immobile’s car and the tram happened at high speed. Immobile scored on Friday for Lazio from the spot against Spezia. Lazio is currently second in Serie A.

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